Best Of Phoenix 1997 – Best Place To Go For The Chicago Scores And A Hot Dog

(reprinted from the Phoenix New Times)

Best of Phoenix New Times 1997Twin TVs tune in the Chicago teams at Chicago Hamburger Company, and the walls are covered with Chicago street signs and sports paraphernalia. If we didn’t know better, we’d think we were on the diner set of ER.

Then our orders come up-a spectacularly juicy hot dog with the works (includes tomatoes, natch), a couple sliders, and a one-and-two-thirds-pound burger with fresh, hot French fries-and we’re right back down under the Chicago El tracks at the DePaul University stop, elbow to elbow with the Grabowskis. Fortified with fat grams, we head out into the drifting snow. Fortunately, we snap out of it just before the hawk wind knocks us down on our keisters.